Print and Mail Vendors

It can be costly to print and mail your own letters.  The amount you time and money can be better spent elsewhere.

For collection agencies and other debt collection companies, a third party mail vendor is essential.


For one, almost all reputable vendors like (Compumail) interface with the major collection software platforms which makes the transition seamless.

Second, the process is more efficient when handled by a third party.  This results in letters getting in the hands of debtors faster, which means faster recoveries.

Third, there are many variations and options that can be programmed on the fly.  A vendor that has experience in the industry will suggest different layouts for different purposes.  Improving the delivery speed and open rate can significantly impact the success of a letter campaign.

Not to mention, you can also use these vendors for other purposes such as marketing, custom note to a loyal clients, invitations to events, etc.

These advantages can go a very great distance in achieving your goals and extending a good margin of profit the company.

It is important that you know how to select the right mail vendor for your needs.